Making excuses

September 15, 2012 8:02am CST
How do you respond to an invitation from someone you do not particularly feel drawn to? Do you say 'I'll let you know' to give yourself time to think of a way to decline or do you accept and then cancel later?
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@winterose (39922)
• Canada
18 Sep 12
I would say I am busy and not leave room for another invitation.
• United States
17 Sep 12
I usually am right up front with them. I tell them I could muddle over it and never get back to you or be frank and honest and tell you that truthfully I am not interested. The older I get them more apt I am to say it like it is.
@celticeagle (117159)
• Boise, Idaho
17 Sep 12
I have gotten to the point where now I just tell the truth. I used to make excuses or do the 'I'll let you know' bit. But over the years I have begun to feel that I would rather treat people the way I would like to be treated. So I tell them the truth. I try to live by the Golden Rule and I also feel that life is just too short to be making excuses or trying to save someones feelings. I try to use tact and am trying to learn to use tact more.
@blinjk (613)
• Philippines
16 Sep 12
I always do not want anyone to expect me to be there when I am not sure if I could come or not. I always tell that, I will see if I can go.If they insist I try to make a situation or an excuse.My batch mates called me to have jogging on Saturdays but I am committed last Friday with my friends. I told them that maybe I cannot come because I will not wake up early.But when I really do not want to go because of someone,I will try to make an excuse even if it is really obvious that I am doing it because of that person.
@GardenGerty (96640)
• Marion, Kansas
16 Sep 12
More and more I try to just say no and mean it. I do not owe them an excuse unless I want to. It does make the "no" a little stronger if you have one, sometimes and other times not. If you give an excuse the inviter may try to talk their way around it. You cannot argue with a flat no.
@bknpk333 (37)
• Pakistan
15 Sep 12
For me, it is not easy to excuse the invitation. I rather says, "I will try to make myself available for the moment adding the condition if I am not engaged anywhere due to to work". Personally, i miss such chances a very little only in a special case. Because i love party.
• Indonesia
15 Sep 12
I think simply say that I have another things come up to do at that day will do. If you don't want to go, don't force yourself to go. It's better than go with an annoyed feeling since you just can't enjoy something that you don't want to do originally.
@kris3rdE (156)
• Philippines
15 Sep 12
hi 41CombedaleRoad! Well if you don't like to go say that you can't. Simply say that you really like to go but have something to do on that day. For sure they'll understand. ;)