When was the last time you've done something rebellious?

September 15, 2012 9:39am CST
In every person, there will always be that rebellious side waiting to come out if baited with the right provocation. This happened last week. I was provoked when my boss kept on nagging me about my work, telling me how to do my work, and complaining what I do with my work. It was very irritating and degrading. What I did was I skipped work the next day. I'm usually uptight, and I take my job seriously. I always come diligently to work and focus on what I have to do. My previous bosses were very appreciative of that. My current one was not. Anyway, my co-workers were then like, "Hey, Boss was looking for you yesterday! He was so angry and upset why you skipped work without calling or texting." And I was like smiling the entire shift. Of course, he was at it again, nagging me and whining. But oddly, it didn't affect me. At least I didn't say something that would be considered as talking back to your boss. I just walked away and I didn't even care about the consequences at that time. I guess I wasn't so uptight anymore.
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@SusanLee (1920)
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15 Sep 12
Rebellion aside, it sounds like the man you're working for has a problem. He's creating a 'hostile environment.' Are you the only one picks apart like that? Does he treat others that way? As far as having a rebellious side, yes I do. Only it isn't very wide. I almost laughed out loud when I read your title. I work at a retail store in the mall. When I work the morning shift we always get there way before the mall opens. There isn't a soul in the parking-lot. Where I turn in there is a sigh that says 'Do not enter', so I don't enter. I drive down a few yards and turn in there. Well, when my narrow, rebellious streak flares up, I'll drive in the 'Do not enter' drive instead. Sometimes I even laugh at myself. And that's about as far as my rebellion goes. I hope you're able to straighten out that boss of yours. If your prior employers were happy with you; it has to be him not you.