life is very important and value-able for everyone

September 17, 2012 10:29pm CST
this is very great thing for us that we love from our life and care it very much but when we talk about the life of animals then we eat them, how can we do this ,as we love to our life they also love to their ,everyone have right to live in this world with their own way , then ,why we do so cruel behave to them , so this our fundamental right to give the respect to the life of everyone and try to protect and save as our level best , so it my request to each and everyone to think about the everyone's life in this world because the life is very important and value- able for everyone.
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• Bangladesh
18 Sep 12
Yes bro, every creatures in these world have freedom to accomplish their natural life cycle without being disturbed or destructed. We, fking humen are eating them. May be we are mis-using our inteligence behaving in such a way. Killing creatures is not any ideology. Rather we must make our best to save and help develop them. Our national and international policies, all our national and international constitutions should have the utmost commitment to help develop the under developed communities or class of creatures. And yeah, we can eat them just when our survivals are at stake for want of food. But we should think thousand times wether we can survive without eating them. Anyway we must protect and uphold our ideology at any cost, at any moment in our life.
18 Sep 12
i totally agree with you..Life really is full of ups and downs,enjoyments and sadness both have their own duration's in every one life.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
18 Sep 12
Animals eat vegetables/plants or... animals. Human being is an animal and is doing the same already since ages. What is wrong with that? Eating animals has nothing to do with being cruel. Killing for no reason is cruel. Hunting for fun is cruel. Like you said: life is important. To stay healthy human being needs meat as well. It's proved that those who do eat meat are more healthy as those who don't. After all these ages of evolution all human beings are still not able to stay healthy plus take all vitamins/minerals out of plants only.
• Philippines
18 Sep 12
Oh, yes. It's true that we value our lives. We also value our animals' lives but I guess we have to kill them in order for us to survive. In my country, we butcher pigs, cows, water buffaloes, chickens, ducks, etc. I guess other animals are prohibited to kill especially those which are already near to extinct. I guess it's a need for us to kill some in order to survive. If we won't do anything, then we will be the one to die. Remember, eat or you'll die. Thanks for sharing. Happy mylotting.