Why do delivery people leave a sticker but don't ring my bell?

United States
September 17, 2012 11:27pm CST
Am I the only one with this problem? I have receive many deliveries and have only been able to get them after the second delivery or when I schedule a delivery. I live in an apartment building and do maybe the delivery person is busy? Or tired? Or lazy? Or just didn't even have my package? I have all different kinds of delivery services and have had the same problem. The is an elevator so what is the problem? When they ring my bell why don't they wait for an answer when I say hello? Why do they ring and run? I called once and the person told kefir this one particular service that the person had not loaded my package into the truck and simply left a note so I would schedule a delivery date. Why? What if it was an important package? What if it was time sensitive material? I cannot understand why they wouldn't simply write that down instead of pretending to have my package. I have run trucks down the block when they have done this before to see if they had my package after they rang and ran! I complain but they all do the same thing. Is this just an apartment dilemma? Or is his a new York city thing? Has anyone experienced this or am I alone? Are there any delivery people by occupation that can explain this to me? Is this customary or a rule?
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@STOUTjodee (3474)
• United States
18 Sep 12
I think that a delivery person should be able to handle any situation. We had a problem with a delivery person one time, they knocked twice and by the time we got to the door, they threw the package on the doorstep. Even though it was an empty box, they had no right to just threw it. So we called the company and made a complaint because we wouldn't want that to happen to some one else. They just told us, that was their policy. Now I wouldn't want anything I had to be thrown at me. So when we went to return the box with contents in it to be shipped back, there was no one at the front desk. We waited and waited and still no one came to the desk. We left it and called them again to make sure that they received it. We called the company that was expecting the package to tell them they we sent them their package.
• United States
18 Sep 12
We had thrown packages too! I couldn't believe it until I lookd at the peephole onetime after he did it a day before. From the elevator two doors down he threw the package "BOOM!" at my door. I yelled at him that second day took his name and complained. I don't know if he was ultimately fired but he no longer delivered on our route.
@Strovek (870)
• Malaysia
18 Sep 12
Maybe confrontation isn't the answer. Is it a regular (same person) that delivers? Maybe you can get to know him and he might mellow down and treat your parcel/delivery with respect.
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
19 Sep 12
I have a notice on my front door which says the door bell might not be working so knock on the front window. That window is for my lounge where I usually am if I am home. If I am not here they leave a can't be delivered postcard. I can take that to the post office collection center and show identification to get my parcel. Maybe the post men in your area are lazy and go away too quickly.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
18 Sep 12
Happens over here as well.. you hear your postbox and they just leave the message you are not home without even ringing. Worser.. leave the parce outside without even ringing your bell.. so everybody can take it away.. they even do it with parcels you have to sign for. It beats me why, guess it's too much trouble or takes to much time to ring at doors and wait for someone to open it? Or they think you are not home? There are also parcel deliveries who give the parcels for the whole street at my address, well they try. Which means I can deliver them later on. I put a note at my frontdoor I don't accept parcels except for one of my neighbours they do the same for me.
@allknowing (68852)
• India
18 Sep 12
These are all man made rules. It is left to the individual to be courteous or not. Now that you know that this has become a routine in your case, it would be best if you checked atleast once a day for any stickers that you might find on your door or wherever.