Despite of everything, I believe God will definitely provide the answers.

September 22, 2012 12:15pm CST
Good day Fellow Mylotters, There is a saying goes, "Do your best and God will do the rest". In this regard, I am still believing that despite of the hardship and trials that I am facing right now, I am still hoping that God will definitely give and answers my prayers. Thus, what is important now is for me to do my best and pray that God will grant the rest.
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• India
16 Nov 12
Hi friend, Having faith with god is always good. The almighty will save us forever. All our friends and relatives may forsake us, but god never forsake us and give some way to over come from our problems. He will reply to the real and sincere prayers
@iamm12 (68)
16 Nov 12
yes, you are right. I too believe in god a lot but may god react very slowly to your prayers some times, then don't desperate keep believing one day or other day sure he will respond to your prayers mean while keep doing your job perfectly.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
16 Nov 12
hi, i think i will disagree on that because there are still people made they said best but it was not,and aside from that when a person did her/his best and still not enough and God not give it meaning our God have a reason or another plan for i believe that God will definitely provide answers.
@waya616 (149)
• Philippines
25 Sep 12
Do everything in God's will and everything will follow...
@flowerchilde (12547)
• United States
24 Sep 12
Amen "Rest, and wait patiently for Him.."
• Greece
22 Sep 12
We say 'God helps those who help themselves' much the same thing really. I'm sorry that yiou are having a tough time but your attitude will help you get through it. God always answers our prayers but not always in the way we want them to, but we know that whatever He does for us he does for our good. God bless you.