Is the song "My Way" ewas really a Curse????

September 24, 2012 1:28am CST
In the past decade there have been over half a dozen cases where the song was the soundtrack to an unfortunate event. The problem is so pronounced that many karaoke bars have now removed the song from their play list and it is impossible to pick it on any given night. There are people who have extended this fee are into their own homes and they refuse to sing the song in private as well. Some people would claim that there is nothing to this curse and it happens to be coincidence. Mathematically speaking, that is entirely possible because karaoke is a lot more popular in the Philippines. With more people singing karaoke songs this will increase the chances that something bad is going to happen. But you still can’t deny the eeriness that this one song has led to so many problems. And there are a variety of theories as to why this particular song invokes such rage among karaoke patrons. Some people say that since it is so popular people think they know the song, and that any version that deviates from their expectations is subject to intense criticism and throwing out any rules of karaoke etiquette. Other people have studied the lyrics of this particular tune and offer the suggestion that the tone and spirit of the song invokes a sense of arrogance. This leads people to act out of character when they are pumped up by the lyrics that invoke a sense of defiance. Sometimes men compete to have the best performance and their violent natures are bolstered by the lyrics as well. Other people go back to the mathematical explanation and say that it is a song that is sung the more than most, so statistically speaking there are more chances for bad things to happen. :)
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@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
24 Sep 12
I've heard that the Rolling Stones' song, "Sympathy for the Devil", is cursed - but its not true. I've never heard "My Way", not that I go to karaoke bars or anything.
@Fulltank (2896)
• Philippines
24 Sep 12
The song is referred to as the second "national anthem" here in our country. But I do not think that there's a curse behind this popular song. I think its just another good song that many people can relay to. It is one of he most popular song in video bars and I think its not the song who had curse but the people singing it. i think that its because most of the people who sings is were already drunk and they themselves are under the curse of the liquor. The song is just an excuse to fighting.
@rsa101 (15574)
• Quezon City, Philippines
24 Sep 12
I am not really very superstitious about many things but I think you have pointed some logical reasons that this song may invoke subconsciously one to become violent when they sang the song. But if you would be analyzing the song entirely I guess the song was sang in a milder tones as compared to the rock songs of today. It was delivered in a tone that does not invoke anything that could lead to any arrogance at all. But the meaning of the song may look arrogant indeed since he did it his way to achieve something. But to sum it all up, the story of the song was somehow a poem that depicts of a man that did everything to get his way. There is nothing wrong with that I guess. We always strive to achieve what we want and we all do it our ways as well.