payroll notification

United States
September 26, 2012 5:57pm CST
With your job how early do you get notification of your pay pending to your account? Hubby's is 2 days before it posts. Mine is the day before. I like to plan my budget as soon as possible so I know what I can afford to pay and how much for groceries, gas or anything else. It drives me nuts that I could see mine tonight but I'd have to stay up really late otherwise it'll be available for viewing in the morning.
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
29 Sep 12
I wouldn't know what to do if I could not worry about money. We are retired so we receive the same amount each month, but the expenses are unpredictable, it always seems that just when I think I am going to save a little something crops up that cannot wait. My basic rule to live by is you can't take it with you, but it's important to have enough while you are still here. Blessings
@aabuda (1729)
• Philippines
28 Sep 12
Since we usually signs our time sheet, we can already compute for our salary 15 days before the payroll. In that way, I can already budget all of my finances and not forget anything else...
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
27 Sep 12
Mine, I've waited until midnight and it's not yet showed up to the account. I look the next morning, when i wake up so around 11 am or noon really, and it's there. Now for my job if there is a holiday on Monday (We get paid on Tuesday) then they will give us the money on Friday instead, so it shows up on Friday. I know about how much I am going to get, it only ever fluctuates a dollar or so. Now I've asked for more hours, but I still know what to expect. I hate having to wait, but then again I don't ever use the money until Tuesday at the earliest as I don't write checks so no sending a check before payday anyway.
@katsmeow1213 (29043)
• United States
26 Sep 12
I can see mine 2 days before it posts to my account. Hubby we can't see until Friday morning when he gets paid, but he makes the same thing every week so it doesn't matter. If he makes less he knows ahead of time because it's holiday pay or sick pay. If he makes more we don't count on it and it's a surprise. I don't like knowing early. When I look I feel like I have the money and should be able to use it, but I technically don't have it yet so it drives me bonkers.