Our farm got raided by pigs, again!

@shaqziad (655)
September 27, 2012 10:32am CST
It's 11 pm here, as we get to bed, we heard the so familiar sounds of wild pigs near our house. Dad got out, and try to chased them, but to no avail. They managed to damage a row of tapioca trees, and dig out quite a lot of tapioca. What a waste. It's a wonder where the pigs come from, since they are running towards the road in front, not the bush behind our house.
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@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
30 Sep 12
If they are wild pigs I wonder if you can somehow trap them and catch them and eat them? After all they do not belong to anyone and if they causing damaged at least it will be a small recompense to catch them? Not sure if that would be acceptable? Or whether you need stronger fence or barricade to stop them wandering into your farm. Are you insured? I live in a big town so have no worries about rampaging animals, we do get a lot of foxes in search for food, but the only damage they cause is spilling rubbish out everywhere.
@shaqziad (655)
• Malaysia
1 Oct 12
No, we don't eat pig, wild or not. Few months back, some neighbor call hunters to hunt them down, and the number of attack decrease. but now the pig come back. we are considering on telling the local authority, in hope that they might send people from the wildlife department. dad barricade the farm, but then the pig come feeding on trees behind the kitchen. we don't barricade our home, because the culture here view it as being rude to neighbors if you put high fence between houses. we don't really care about the loss. what we are afraid is the pig harming people. last month, there's an incident where pig run down a bike nearby. the biker then got run down by a car, and die.