Global Evolution - Its Inevitable!

United States
October 4, 2012 9:11pm CST
Warriors of the Light UNITE! The time is now. Break out of the old ways of doing things - Let LOVE rule your every move!
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@mythociate (15942)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
17 Oct 12
? That's sounds more like personal evolution. It doesn't approach global until you start 'controlling' the actions of others. ('Controlling' may be the wrong word; 'affecting' would be closer-to-right, but 'controlling' gives you more of the credit/blame for the action ) And what do you mean by 'let LOVE rule'? To me, "Love" is 'acting-upon others as I myself would be acted-upon.' Hug the World! as it's huggably soft (If part of it's not huggable, turn away from that part toward the softer, cuddly side.) Don't forge "enmity" against the old ways; just find the ways that let you love more, and let the other ways fall away as they will.