Anybody who can share how to handle "Terrible Two" Stage?

@aejey322 (1007)
October 8, 2012 3:13am CST
My baby is now 2 years and 3 months old. At an early stage, he already knows to speak well, he memorizes the alphabet and even can read them individually, he can count one to twenty and can also identify numbers 1-9, he knows the colors, he memorizes many nursery rhymes and ads jingles, he mingles with other kids and adults as well, and the top of the list - he knows how to decide on his own. oh well, it makes us glad to see that he is somehow advanced compared to other 2-yr olds we know. It makes us proud that he is already smart at his age. And he is a very happy kid. He initiates approaching some other even older kids and says "Hi kuya (elder brother)" or "hi ate (elder sister)" or even "hi baby (if he sees a baby)". he also greets the adult ones by saying "hi tita (for a lady)" and "hi tito (for a gentleman)" even if he does not know them. He sometimes introduces himself "Hi I'm Kirby" and he is always with a smile when he is in a crowd. When we are attending childrens parties, it seems like it is his party. But when it comes to moods, extremes come in. He is also smart enough to use his cry to dominate us. he easily cries out even with just simple things that he's asking but were not granted to him. And even with trying to take him to a bath, when he says NO he really means NO or else he'll gonna cry out loud again. And also when it's time to change clothes... Or if in the supermarket for example, and wants to open a bottle of water. He doesn't listen when he's told to wait because we need to pay first. It is embarrassing when we are out in the public. He can really get the attention of the people. We noticed this started just a month ago. And I am interrelating this to what they call the "terrible two" I hope it is only that and hope he can surpass that stage... because I believe my son is not a bad boy... Any parent out there who can share their experiences too and share how you handle this toddler stage?