Bika Ambon, the famous cake from Medan

@adhyz82 (36299)
October 8, 2012 10:05am CST
bika ambon - the special cake from Medan
the name of cake is Bika Ambon.. but it didn`t comes from Ambon, Molluscas.. but it comes from Medan, North Sumatera.. The cake made from several ingredients like tapioca, eggs, sugar, coconut milk and sago flour..You can find Bika Ambon in pandan flavour (commonly) but there are also variety too with banana, durian, cheese, chocolate flavor..Yummy... The history why the cake is named Bika Ambon is unsure..but there are rumour that the name is brought from Ambonese seller and comes to Medan.. The cake is widely knows as the speciality cake from Medan and every city In indonesia now Bika Ambon is from Medan So when you visit Medan, don`t forget bring Bika Ambon, the special cake from Medan.. Medan is capital of North Sumatera (so maybe it can helps you know about Medan)