How many wolverhampton wanderers fans are on here?

November 22, 2006 1:47am CST
I am a Wolves fan and want to know haow many thers are on here.
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27 Jan 07
Four here ! My husband comes from near Wolverhampton, I've always liked the name and am now a fan and we are bringing up our boys in the Molineux Faith. We get to matches when we can mostly local away games and have a large collection of shirts. Come on the Wolves !!
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22 Jan 07
I am a Wolves fan based in Willenhall. Nice to know i'm not the only one on here.
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@tambdy (1969)
21 Jan 07
I like wolves when they dont let my football coupon downlol, everytime i bet them they draw so i put cardiff to win yesterday and what happens wolves win. I liked when kenny miller moved from Rangers my favourite team to them but then he came back and went to celtic which was a kick in the teeth. Muscat used to play for wolves as well did he not.?
@robbiew (46)
27 Oct 08
It's been a while since this discussion was started but, I live in Wednesfield, been going to the Golden Palace since 1969 and at the time of writing this response (27 Oct 2008) we are sitting second in the league....maybe this season eh?
@zhetto (163)
• Australia
24 Mar 10
I just thought I would let you know that I too am a dedicated wolves fan. I would love to get to any game but being in Australia travel is a slight problem for me.. lol. I have found that foxtel does broadcast most games and I do my best to sit up at 2 and 3 in the morning just to watch them. Since I have now had the foxtel disconnected I now found a website where they broadcast it live so I still sit up and listen to it. Is that dedication or what? Is there anyone else in Australia who follows the wolves or am I the one and only?
5 Nov 07
another one here, wolverhampton man born and bred strong in arm and thick in head
• Pamplona, Spain
18 Sep 09
Hi rich9791, Another one here too born and bred in Wolverhampton City Staffordshire UK Great Britain. Another Fan is one of my Sons Steven he follows everything about Wolves Football and we live in the North of Spain. He was in Wolverhampton last year and bought a Wolves T-shirt and a Wolves Sportbag too. Every weekend I´ve got him there with Wolves and all his mates no less than fifty of them are all learning about Wolves too even if they are Spanish!!! They mobile him and ask him how Wolves are doing there you go hows about that? I follow Wolves too but they don´t show them on the Television here so Steven has managed to find a Football Channel where bits of the Wolves Matches come out most weeks hows about that for dedication eh?
2 Sep 07
Im a Wolves fan!! Its hard work sometimes but well worth it,come on the wolves
@pumpkinjam (5808)
• United Kingdom
15 Feb 07
I'm not a fan myself. Well, I'm not really a fan of football myself! But my partner is a lifelong Wolves fan. We always thought he was the only one! The first thing my partner bought our baby was a Wolves babygro! Unfortunately, we can't do anything about my other son because his dad has already got him into Aston Villa. Well, it could be worse I suppose. At least Villa play in nice colours!
21 Jan 07
then there were 3
@gormanboy (150)
• Singapore
13 Jan 07
HAHA!! that makes two of us!! WOOHOO!!