Is It Worse to Be Born Retarded or to Be Injured Retarded?

@mythociate (15753)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 13, 2012 3:27pm CST
I was not born retarded (or maybe I was, but I worked past it). I was injured, and am thus retarded as far as doing any speedy work is concerned. Do you think it would've been better if I were born retarded, or worse? I think it is better to be injured retarded, because (if we are all actually born the same, but most of us work past the retardedness) you know then that you can just work past it again. What do you think?
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
14 Oct 12
Thanks a ton for the discussion. I think to be born retarded is better than to be injured retarded as everyone around us including our family members would become used to our activities. They will have a close idea about your moods and mannerisms. But if become retarded accidentally then it would be a shock for ur family members and the people around us. What say?
@mythociate (15753)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5 Nov 12
I am injured retarded, so I sorta agree with you---in that you don't KNOW the treasure you're being barred from reaching if you're born that way, whereas--if you had once had the ability to reach the treasure--you feel the loss. It's like on game-shows where people have to risk money that they never actually had (but which they feel like they had 'won' earlier in the show.)