Why Are Most Online-Grants for Education & Not for Business?

@mythociate (15951)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 13, 2012 7:38pm CST
Or am I wrong? Are there more online-grants out there for businesses than for education? ... What would be the best terms to Search-the-Web to find out? Anyway, I think I clicked an ad looking for 'grants'--thinking 'Surely they mean "business"-grants too!'--but no, there were only grants for 'going to school.' Why not any business grants. I think it's because of the popularity of greed---most businessmen are sure that--as sure as they would use most business-grant money to "sit around & do nothin`"--so would hordes of lazy people flock to their grant-offers as if they were offering 'free tickets to paradise' (and not in a good, religious way, but in a greedy, scummy way ) But ... hmm, that would be a good sociology experiment: for an incredibly wealthy company to give me more-and-more free money to see how much it takes before I run out of things to waste it on and actually start a business that's 'good for society' with it (kinda like Brewster's Millions, but different) But were I to take out that much in education-grants, it would ALL be wasted (to me, as I'd probably never actually SEE any of that money). So why? Why are people so much more-willing to WASTE their money like that than to give it to people who could (eventually) put it to good use?
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