Saving money with better deals or staying on your current deal

@maximax8 (29138)
United Kingdom
October 15, 2012 8:37am CST
Lately I have been thinking about my budget. I am changing my electricity and gas supplier to a different one so I can go for a frozen price until March 2014. One supplier has had a really great deal. Due to prices rising it is ideal to lock into that deal for my family. Then I thought about my phone and internet bills. I pay for line rental with one company and for my internet from a different company which gives me all calls for a set price. It is included for local and national land line calls. I have to pay for other sorts of phone calls. Looking at my bank statements I see the amount I pay is up one month and then down the next. The amounts are not the same each month so that worries me. At least I will pay a set amount per month for my gas and electricity. I looked at a list of Internet deals and they all are very pricy. I may have to stay the with the same one due to the others being so pricey. When my home and car insurances come to an end I will change them to better deals. Have you saved money with a better deal? Do you prefer to stay on your same deal? Do you pay line rental for your phone and get Internet from a different company?
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@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
15 Oct 12
When I lived in rented accommodation it was such a hassle having to change utility suppliers, having to set up the direct debits and changing the details etc, plus we had to inform the landlord too. I did change my internet supplier British Telecom is certainly not the most cheapest for internet charges and just by switching from British Telecom to Sky I saved a great deal, not just a few pounds. Plus we get a good package too which includes Sky television and calls. I saved a huge amount on my mobile phone too, I used to have a contract which was costing me £25 a month, but I wasn't using it, I only have a mobile for when I am in a car and if I breakdown or for texts. I switched to pay as you go! I have spent £20 in two years! Compared to £25x12. If you shop around you can save so much!
• United States
15 Oct 12
I pay cable for the tv and the internet coverage. I pay the lights with another one and a few other bills too. I just wish I could get the lights down a bit it would make things a lot better.
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
15 Oct 12
Its always a good idea to plan to save money. here in mexico we have a new phone company coming in. They have offered 5 months free service is you pay for 3. A great deal in my book.