Ever been in love with someone's girlfriend?

@Jatelo2 (166)
Nairobi, Kenya
October 17, 2012 4:42pm CST
It started by me accepting to be her computer trainer. After some few weeks, we have become close that temptations have stated building up. The problem is that we belong to different people and all of us are friends. Guilt is killing me. What should I do? I've not done something wrong yet, but I don't know how long that will remain to be so! Any piece of advice will be appreciated!
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@jenny1015 (13387)
• Philippines
13 Jan 13
Try to control what you are feeling. Value the friendship that you all have. That is not love that you are feeling. It is only the excitement that you get to be close to another wonderful person and hoping not to be caught. It's lust! If you could not control yourself, then you might just be ruining your own relationship with your partner and your friends. It is hard to be putting trust on each other after this happens.
@Aja103654 (5656)
• Philippines
21 Oct 12
Yeah it my be best to not see each other for a while and re evaluate your feelings. It seems that you feel only lust for each other so don't give in to temptation. Don't ruin both your relationships cause you will regret it.
@aabuda (1729)
• Philippines
18 Oct 12
I think what you are feeling right now is just actually lust...just try to relieve it...you will forget her..
@sishy7 (27554)
• Australia
17 Oct 12
Avoid situations that allow there temptations. If it means stop being her computer trainer, so be it. Or if you want to continue with the training, make sure there are someone else there other than just the two of you together alone at any time.
@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
17 Oct 12
Dispatch the feeling. Since you feel guilty you know it's wrong- so better shrug the feeling right away. I understand it's not your fault- but sometimes admiration is mistaken as love. How can you love somebody else's girlfriend when you have someone to love with you. You are not being faithfully- and before its too late try to be honest and be faithful with the one you love.