King Arthur do you think that he ever exsited?

United States
October 20, 2012 11:27pm CST
Recently I have become interested in the arthurain lengends. I believe that King Arthur was real. And I wondered what others might think. Do you believe he is real why or why not?
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• Romania
21 Oct 12
I think that he is real, that a king Arthur existed, but he is not exactly the one from the stories. Every legend rises from a bit of thruth - in this case is true that Arthur lived- which is modelated and alterated by story tellers. So if you undress the fantastic atributsfrom Arthur's portrait you might get a taste of the indeed true king :)
• United States
21 Oct 12
That is what I think that for a lengend that some parts have to come to have a little truth in them. For the rest they are just stories to get peoples attention and excited. Like Merlin it is possible that he exsited for even the Bible mentions socerers but I don't think it is to the extent that the stories and movies portray him to be.
@mythociate (15963)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
21 Oct 12
No. Not for any reason though. He could have. But--unless I find out he's part of my history--I don't care.