Planning My Garden For Next Spring

@capirani (1841)
United States
October 26, 2012 9:10pm CST
It's October now and getting cold so the gardening outside is finished for another year. Actually this year was the first year I had done any outside gardening in many years and I was very excited about it. Mostly it was going to be flowers and flowering shrubs, but with a few herbs and vegetables maybe added if I had time and space. I even planned on some container gardening but didn't get that far. Now it's time to work on the plans for next year so I can do a better job of it. Of course the drought this past spring and summer damaged much of my garden so I am hoping that won't happen next year. I still want to have a container garden as I don't own my home so I can't dig up a garden area or build a raised garden like I really want here. But I am able to work the flowerbeds here and do whatever I want with those. Do you have a garden whether vegetable or flower or both? What kind of garden do you have and what do you grow in it?
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@prashu228 (25505)
• India
27 Oct 12
wow, i like gardening very much. Yes we maintain a small terrace garden. we like to grow mostly vegetables and some flowers. Now as winter started beans started coming up. we have some brinjal and ladysfinger plants along with methi leafy vegetable. some rose plants along with some crotons.
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@Shellyann36 (11244)
• United States
27 Nov 12
It is so fun to plan the garden. I love to get the seed catalogues in the mail and dream of what I want to buy. We planted garden for the first time this fall. I hope it turns out good. I just received my first garden seed magazine in the mail last week. Looking at them during the long cold winter days will keep me from getting cabin fever. This past summer we had tomatoes, corn, cantalopes, peppers, beans, squash and okra. I also had some flowers.
@marguicha (109251)
• Chile
12 Nov 12
I live in the southern Hemisphere, so Spring is here and my garden is in bloom. Today I planted my basil seedlings and some arugule seeds. My tomatoes are in bloom. And I have planted many bean plants as I love green beans. I was able to have some produce in Winter as our Winters are mild. But I made a sort of greenhouse for the plants with a wooden frame and some plastic so they would not freeze. I could eat lettuce, kale and leeks all Winter.