Thinking of buying HP computers?

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October 29, 2012 9:18pm CST
Hewlett Packard, run by 2010 Republican California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, charges competitive prices on their products and extended warranty plans. But the money you invest in a computer pays for your tech support as well, and HP has a long history of stripping jobs from Americans and shipping them overseas. And they're about to repeat this business strategy, by closing down all but two American call centers in favor of East Indian rates. If they follow through with this plan, customers will have to call upwards of ten times - possibly enduring excruciating wait times each call - if they are determined to get an American agent. And the more this happens, the more Americans will say to themselves and to ten potential HP customers that they will never buy another HP product again. What are corporate execs calling it? "Cut off the arm to save the body." Personally, I think they may find that they missed the arm and got the throat instead.
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@sid556 (31005)
• United States
1 Nov 12
It should be illegal. The companies that do this are not only ruining our country but they take advantage of these foreign people who don't realize that they are being used for their very cheap labor. Nothing I hate more than calling for help and getting some person who is deperatley trying to help me but has such a heavy accent that I can't even begin to understand him/her. It has to be as frustrating for them as it is for us. I heard that they get paid about 300.00 per month for full time work and that is considered good over there.