Benefits of Cloud Computing

October 30, 2012 6:37am CST
As a business grows, its data also grows. It's time to switch to cloud environment to store all those valuable data in a secured environment. Cloud computing just do that. You can store and retrieve business related information by just connecting your system to the cloud. Cloud comes in different flavors. SaaS or Software as a service is the commonly used cloud computing where the cloud provider gives you everything you need to run your business. The best example can be found at where you can build a CRM application step by step. What do you think about cloud computing? Is it going to remain or will perish? Please share your opinion here.
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@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
30 Oct 12
As I own an internet cafe here in mx. I have asked about that and my techs say many companies here have had problems with that service. Its not as secure as they say it is. Be careful before using it.
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@olliekobra1 (1826)
30 Oct 12
I'm not sure I have ever used it but as your rightly said its important that we stay ahead of cutting edge technology especially when we are running a business and its also important to secure things as safely as we can as internet crime and is theft is becoming a huge problem. I have heard of cloud technology but I.don't know loads about so I shall do some research and hopefully answe this a little better.
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• India
2 Jan 13
Consider some of these cloud computing benefits. - People can access from across the world - More work in less time with fewer people - It can reduce your capital cost - It can store more data than private computer system - Improve accessibility and flexibility
• Indonesia
2 Nov 12
If everyone would use cloud computing i think its really a dream come true for cyber criminal, they just need to sneak into one place to "own" your whole digital life. It has more risk than benefits :(
@flydog99 (25)
• China
31 Oct 12
Nowadays,cloud technology become more widely used in differer fields.Its really a cutting edge technology,and i believe we can deal with the security problem it may bring,and make full use of it to make our life more convenient.
@Tongcv (173)
• China
31 Oct 12
If the technology can improve in terms of security in and do better,I think this will be a very good development prospects
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
31 Oct 12
It is interesting to hear about benefits of cloud computing. I did not know about that because of my computer knowledge. I would like to try cloud computing when I need it. Thanks for the information about this knowledge. Have a good day, georgegijo.
@koopharper (6326)
• Canada
30 Oct 12
I'm curious about the services and am tempted to sign up for a free account on one of those services just to test it out for awhile. From there we'll see how useful it would be for me. Could be a good thing but I'm really not sure at this point.