Man's Freedom to Choose

@srjac0902 (1170)
October 30, 2012 10:58am CST
The most beautiful faculty that a man enjoys is his freedom to decide. He chooses not always what he likes. Sometimes he chooses blindly and mechanically because it is indispensible, for he cannot face the consequences. Some choose out of their ego, because their self so desires for it, here they can be so blind too to be adamant and not making place to reason, wisdom and common good. Some may act because they are so much attached to the traditions. So their choice is not so much because they want it, they choose it because the society so sanctions it and they wouldn't like to make any slightest change, they are even ready to bear the consequences, even though they are negative. Some are so much forward minded that they may not look for the utility, but they choose to be unique, even though it is a stupid act, they do it because they want to be modern and no longer do they care for the sanctions of the society. Many learfn by mistakes. Very few people are wise when they choose to act. Some may ever hesitate to take a decision doubting always whether it is the correct act to do. Some act rash without minding the consequences of it, but very few may tap to their inner guidance, or ask for advice from whom they trust as worthy. It is always better to think, meditate, by taping the intelligence, as well as the heart. The acts isolated from the heart, are bound to fall. The acts moved always by the heart, may not always have success. You need the mind, the knowledge, wisdom , understanding and then act. The one who associates with others will reap rich harvest within a very short time.
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@KrauseHome (35293)
• United States
2 Nov 12
Yes, the freedom to choose what we want in our life. Something sometimes that too many people often continue to take for granted. Would be nice if more people could stop and think more before they react or do something. Many people just need to stop and think more and quit accepting second best. Life is really what we make it. We just need to pray and believe God to help us succeed.
@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
31 Oct 12
Hi, Freedom means being free from constraint of anything, physical, moral or spiritual. Some misconception arise from this principle. In fact, freedom should serve only one purpose: to be able to act out of wisdom to achieve the highest state of life a human being can have. Acting upon the whims of one's emotions, ego or pride is not freedom at all. Giving in to these internal volition makes one a prisoner, a prisoner of his own devices where no one can set free but himself alone. True freedom is the ability to perceive what is higher than the basic instincts of human nature, being able to rise above it all and to act accordingly.
@seliokas (346)
• Lithuania
30 Oct 12
Hello, Let me express my opinion about Man's Freedom to choose. Real Man chooses what is the best not for him, but what's the most right thing to do. At most situations, Man has to take the hard decisions, He doesn't always take them right, but he always does his best to. Happy mylotting!
@GemmaR (8526)
30 Oct 12
I think that choice is one of the greatest things about modern life, but I also think that it can make things incredibly difficult as well. I am trying to choose which job I want at the moment, and I think that one of the problems for me is the fact that there are so many things that I could choose from that I feel as though I am overwhelmed and I can't think of one thing that I should set my mind on. But on the whole, choice is good, and I think that we are lucky to be able to live in a country where our choices are so free.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
30 Oct 12
We all talk about the right of freedom so much but in reality many people don't have that freedom at all. Even in the western world this is not the case. There are so many rules, you are forced into everything if you like it or want it or not. It is hard to learn by mistakes if you have nothing to choose and are forced into the same situation(s) again. BTW I doubt if these mistakes are mistakes at all. Who says they are? Besides of that... where is the freedom to make "mistakes", to do things different from others? In reality this is not allowed at all. If you choose to do so you will be kicked out of the society or bullied for the rest of your life. The only decision man can make is to decide to have a kind of easier life and be one sheep in the cattle or to stay close to yourself and be kicked out of society and probably feel miserable (if you can't handle to live alone) and lonesome for the rest of your life.