Soaking my feet with hot water and salt

Pasay, Philippines
October 30, 2012 5:04pm CST
Have you ever tried to soak your feet with hot water and salt? How does it help you when you are soaking your feet? What made you decide to soak your feet with water and salt? When I am already at home from work though not everyday, I am soaking my feet on hot water with salt because my feet has odour. My boyfriend told me that this is supposed to be the way that I should do to prevent the feet odour is to soak the feet on hot water with salt. I like the feeling because it is like your feet are being massage.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
27 Nov 12
hi, when i was in secondary schooling,i really loved to soak my feet in warm water with salt because it will relaxing my feet especially when i have such along walk or run,and aside from that it is a way to relax our feet and release the tension and stress of our feet.
@jaiho2009 (39019)
• Philippines
1 Nov 12
I usually do this ritual when I am too tired. This ritual makes us feel relaxed. Our feet and hands are the most abused parts in our body and we need to pamper them sometimes. Massaging and soaking on hot water with salt is good for our feet after a hard days work.
@ramiuniq (56)
• India
31 Oct 12
Thats because it has a therapeutic function.The method you describe is a tried and tested method to cleanse the body or some such thing.It is also said that salt has the capacity to absorb all negative energy.SO this process literally flushes the toxins and drains the negative energy in our body. The water which you have soaked your foot in, is considered poisonous and should not be reused or recycled by pouring out on the ground or for plants.The best way is to flush it in the toilet.Hope this helps:)
@shaqziad (655)
• Malaysia
31 Oct 12
Soaking feet in warm water added with salt or shower bubble feels good, especially after a long hours of walking. Besides, it let me relax my feet muscles, and fight off dirt and odor. It is a cheap replacement to a spa or a dip in the sea.
@Shavkat (63477)
• Philippines
31 Oct 12
It is traditionally done in my country to lessen the feet foul odor for using shoe wear for a long period of time. It also lessen the sweat secreted by the glands.
@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
31 Oct 12
Hi, Nice thing to beat feet odor. I understand why people love a late afternoon soak at the beach when the water is warm and salty. Although I don't practice it often, it do soothe the pains after a day's work.
@peavey (16786)
• United States
30 Oct 12
I've never soaked my feet in water and salt, but I do soak them in vinegar and water. My foot doctor told me to do that when I had an infection in an ingrown toenail. My toes start feeling funny now and then and my feet ache, but when I soak them in vinegar and water, they start feeling much better.
• United States
30 Oct 12
Usually if I soak my feet it's because I did too much walking or standing on them that day. When they get tired they swell & ache, so I soak them in hot water & bath salts. Since you have an order problem(which all people have to some degree)then I suggest that you soak your feet in scented bath salts. I know Lavender not only smells beautiful but it's scent is supposed to help you relax as well. It's very good for you after you've had a long stressful day.
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
30 Oct 12
I do that here, once or twice per month. I really helps. I get so tired sitting in same posision all day. Salt and warm water makes them feel so good.