The Greener Pasture: LOcal Or abroad, what you think?

@Magz1989 (272)
November 1, 2012 3:34am CST
My work is really a wrong place for me though it was related to my degree but i felt that it was useless to say. Since many have advice me to move find a greener pasture in my life...i decided to move-out...i send my applications local and abroad and wish that someone may reply...Would someone reply? What you think? my credentials are I a graduate of a Political Science course, I have experiences in law firms and local legislation both private and public though i am still 23 and married. they said married women are difficult to hire no matter how great your credentials that true?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
2 Nov 12
Many people did study something but find out while working that this is not really what they want to do for the rest of their life. So I agree if this is not what you want go on with your life and go look/try something else. Since what life is about it to develop yourself. 23 is young, I don't think you can have much (life) experience at that age (no matter if you are married or not) and what you learned/studied will mostly come from books. It's a good thing to bride your horizon in every way. It's true they won't hire women that easily mostly because (at least here) they are afraid you will get pregnant and it will only cost money (so less chance to make a carreer if you stay home or get out that pregnancy sick/broke, etc). The economic also won't make it easy to find a job (or to hire someone). Over here it will also be way more difficult for a high educated person to find a job as it is for someone who is not or less educated (in the last case it means: that person is cheaper (pay less money) and they can still form/educate that person in the way they like him/her to be (so less own opinion). But as long as you believe in yourself, your goals are set, you are able to sell yourself and I am sure you will get some respond as well. Remember: there is a time for everything so don't give up! Seek your goals and make your future. I wish you a lot of luck.
@Shavkat (66879)
• Philippines
1 Nov 12
There is nothing wrong to explore the world, some people choose to overseas to find ways of green pasture. Since the homeland can not provide a decent job for the seekers. Either going abroad or locally, it will be nice if you reflect for a moment of what really your heart desires.
@HuaZhao (457)
• China
1 Nov 12
Hi, I don't know your country. In my country, your major can't work very well in getting a good job. But that depends. Just try but don't give up your current job if your financial situation is not so well. God will bless you!
@jdalaqui (1074)
• Philippines
1 Nov 12
Hi Magz, in terms of money I should immediately admit that abroad is a greener pasture for my skilled worker country men. Even the professionals who ventured abroad have garnered much there. Let us just be honest, our economic condition cannot compensate the the skills of our laborers so many are going abroad. Skilled or professionals, they can have more money when working abroad.