Isn't PTC sites waste of time?

November 2, 2012 4:44am CST
Hey guys! I just checked my PTC-Refback site and just saw such a sad thing... More than 4 of my 20 sites turned into scam... I lost a lot! Something like 10$! So I can't see a future for a PTC sites, because all sites is turning into scams like neobux into robot refs! It's like huge madness with promises which they can serve to you later when the time comes! I think there is plenty of other stuff to do online to make cash, than doing this business... I'm really sad about it but I must say that I quit PTC-Business... I made only 150$ in month which maybe is cool but now I make much lower something like 50$! And lost tons of cash! So I think it's not worth your time and we should do something better, but if you get some good cash why not to stick :)
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@Nero11 (317)
21 Nov 12
What do you mean neobux and robot refs? I've just started a Neobux Challenge to see if I can make money from investing in it... and that worries me. I'm logging my daily progress on my blog (listed under my profile) so I guess in time I'll find out whether it's a scam or not... but given how long it's been around I would be very surprised if it was...
@as2006 (5041)
• Israel
3 Nov 12
I agree with you.
• India
2 Nov 12
I don't think so. Because most of the sites are scams,but not all. However i believe mylot and neobux are genuine. So,i stick with them and highly recommending you to stick for a 3 or 4 websites .thank you.