what is the AGE you began to have the feeling of being old?

November 3, 2012 2:07am CST
A study revealed that women consider themselves old at 29 while men don't feel over the hill until they are 58 in general.Some women said they feel old so young because in our society,the attractiveness of women is quite important,while the majority of men are much more career oriented---they don't feel old until they've reached retirement age! So what is the age you began to have the feeling of being old?
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@deebomb (15322)
• United States
14 Nov 12
Hello jona and welcome to myLot. Age is really a strange thing. When i was in my teens I thought that 25 or so was old. Well when I reached 25, 35 was old. And so it went. The older I got old kept moving up and away. I am now 68 and guess what 75 doesn't seem old anymore as i get closer to it. The only time I feel old is when I have trouble moving or doing things. simple thing get harder to do all the time because I have Rheumatoid arthritis and suffering from that makes me feel old. Feeling old isn't connected to an age.
@beenice2 (2482)
• Canada
12 Nov 12
At 50 I began to feel it some. Because of the osteoarthritis I have,I feel it more the wear of the joints. It wears you more out when somebody else helped to give you more stress and hardship and work, I understand that you don't need help to make you grow old before your time.
• United States
8 Nov 12
as soon as I knew what old meant.... lmao Why worry about old, young or whatever.. get up, get out, live life Age is not the years but how you act and feel inside. That to me is when old comes into the picture. When someone is so out of it that they stopped living.. and yet are the old or just not living?? Old is what you make of it.. Enjoy the Journey you are on, stop the worry and live the moments..
• Canada
6 Nov 12
I am in mid40s. I start feeling old, when I saw wrinkles and grey hair coming out! As women spend more time in the mirror than men, we pay more attention to this. Then when I start forgetting stuffs, and my kids start telling me old. I keep going back and forth to grocery store, coz I forget to buy stuffs. So now I always have to bring notes, what to buy! And one more thing that truely makes me feel old, eyesight becomes plus. I have to wear bi-focal, for long and short distance. I can put make up to hide wrinkles, colour my hair to hide the grey hair, but for eyesight, nothing we can do. The old age is creeping up. That is the true sign of getting old, forgetful and eyesight. Anyway, mentally we still have to feel active and young. When we are energetic, we feel young, and nobody can say that we are old. As a human, we need to keep energetic to get the fule running and keep enjoying our life!
@eklind (96)
• United States
3 Nov 12
Well when I was 25 I felt old. However I change my thought process and realized what made me feel old was my all the stuff other people pressed upon me, it wasn't my perception of me, but my perception of what others thought.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
3 Nov 12
Hi,I am a girl in late 20s and i never felt old. i think i will never feel old because I feel younger by the day..haha yeah true. though i am chubby, people can't believe that i am married. they say i look much younger to my age....so for me it is a no no to old age and old thinking. yay..Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.