New York.. what is next and when..

@sammy14 (835)
November 7, 2012 3:16am CST
I am amazed how our scientists could predict what will happen several years after their study.. I am talking about climate change.. Sometime ago, I was a fanatic of the national geographic channel and one of the most interesting feature was on climate.. how the earth's temperature is heating, the seas, the oceans, how the ice sheaths are melting at a faster rate, etc. and then the disasters that may arise because of climate change.. and then two three years ago we saw devastating earthquakes, tsunamis and the latest is what happened in New York.. I f we only listened to them then this won't be happening.. If only these highly industrialized countries have ratified the Kyoto Protocol then we won't be experiencing these disasters! When will we change our ways, when will we start caring for our environment.. It's really scary to think what will come next if don't change our uncaring attitude towards the environment, all the things that God has lent to us...
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@beenice2 (2336)
• Canada
7 Nov 12
I think all that is full of "BS". It is not scary when you know that first of all it is "natural disaster" warning sign from God. Because nobody listen to him otherwise. And than we will say He is a bad God but we are not so good people.
• United States
8 Nov 12
..many little (innocent) sacrifices have been.. and that sort of thing in the Old Testament was the last straw..
@natliegleb (5184)
• India
7 Nov 12
it has lot to face,its just the beginning and hope some good changes come to new yorkers
@sammy14 (835)
• Philippines
9 Nov 12
We the IPs or the indigenous peoples know how to take care of our environment.. we take care of it for the other generations to use.. we do not abuse it because we know if we do it we will be at the receiving end of disasters.. which is not of our own doing.. it's the people who are not from the mountains...