Internet Love Affair

November 8, 2012 7:59pm CST
My friend has a boyfriend from other country and they communicate to each other through chat. They are in a relationship for about a year and I do not know how could they continue loving each other when they are worlds apart. Now, my question is if you are to choose, would you commit into a relationship with your chat buddy who is from other country?
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@rsa101 (16915)
• Quezon City, Philippines
9 Nov 12
If one could commit to that kind of arrangement then why not? I think it all depends on both parties if they can endure their affair on the net only. I think there are many who are like that even before the dawn of the internet. In the past, they would usually use the traditional snail mail and they could survive and have a healthy relationship doing that. But of course for most of us, it is indeed difficult because of distance. So for me, the best and ideal setting for this of course is not the long distance affair but for some they could survive this kind of setting.
• India
9 Nov 12
This is not going to help either of them
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• Indonesia
11 Nov 12
That's so difficult to keep that relationship if distance separate us
• Philippines
10 Nov 12
Nowadays with the help of advance technology, we can easily communicate with other people around the world via, the internet whether you are browsing from a mobile, a tablet, a computer, or any internet-enabled device. It is really possible to communicate and to have a long distance relationship with the use of technology. The question of how long will this relationship last is fairly depending on how you trust your partner. Long distance relationship is like any other relationship but the difference is that you are falling in love with a partner that is way far from your vicinity, with this type of relationship you need to earn trust from one another. Trust is the main ingredient for a lasting long-distance relationship, although cultures may also clash since both are from different races, The best way to keep the relationship is by learning one day at a time one another.
@jenny1015 (13387)
• Philippines
9 Nov 12
Some relationships are successful with this kind of set up. I guess, they just have the real commitment and such strong love to be able to live with it. It is hard, but if they have such strong bond, then they could be really happy with it. I don't think I am up for that kind of relationship. I like my partner to be just near me.