Pay Pal Booster

United States
November 10, 2012 12:51pm CST
I am on the internet so much because of all the work I do and you know when you are on a certain site like click sense or whatever it might be you run across sites that you see like other paid to click sites and other business things you can do at home extra cash from home well I keep seeing that Pay Pal Booster thing has anyone here heard about it or tried it?Or ypu think it is just another scam?
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@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 12
Let me tell you what Paypal Booster is then.. Anyway, will you pay me for this information? Haha, jk. This so called Paypal Booster sells "the secret" on earning big money online. And what's this secret all about? It's very simple. The secret is you have to create a site that say you are selling "the secret" on earning big money online. Exactly. You are just selling the dream. And once you have paid them and start to doubt whether people will buy it, they will say, "don't worry, people will buy it, like you already did! " Is it legal? People's opinion on this may vary. But in my opinion, this tactic is cheap and morally wrong..
• United States
12 Nov 12
Ok thanks for letting me know I figured it sounded like a scam.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
13 Nov 12
Sadly, most people are earning online via that way. They are just selling the dreams..
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
21 Dec 12
i had never partecipated on this site but as i saw from there it seemed to me a scam or really suspicious so i would be careful before joining..good luck!!
• United States
22 Dec 12
I decided I was not going to do it. It does seem like a scam
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
8 Dec 12
The first time I saw it, I knew that it was a scam. How can your Paypal earnings increase without you having to work on something to be paid via Paypal? If you allow yourself to pay the $10 that they are asking in exchange for the secret, that is boosting their Paypal account, coz of the payments made by people who actually believed that there was truly a secret. That is secret is fooling people and making them believe that they will earn from a legitimate way, which unfortunately is the other way around.
• United States
9 Dec 12
I agree I don't really want to give my pay pal address to anyone except the sites that I have been on for several years and never asked me for a dime and have always paid me. Thanks and have a great day.
• Indonesia
11 Nov 12
I think its another scam site... how can you boster your paypall account without doing anything, it doesnt make sense... I heard about vista pay have a software to convert their point to paypall, but I think that do not make sense like paypall booster.. Maybe that just a kind of strategy to do with a lot of thing to do..
• United States
12 Nov 12
I think so too it just sounded to good to be true. Thanks for the info