He would buy another tablet for himself this time

@hotsummer (10466)
November 15, 2012 9:03pm CST
My brother finally has bought me a nexus tablet already and he will give it to me when he came back to the Philippines. Anyway its just great just because it's much faster. But he loved it now using it also. Before he does not like tablet but now he buy one for himself. So definitely he is enjoying using it. We are now talking on Skype using the tablet and the video is so clear. So it's very much useful.
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@sammy14 (835)
• Philippines
19 Nov 12
Well I have a laptop but I'm also obsessed to having a tablet because its smaller and easy to handle.. it's easier to bring along tah the bigger laptop... If I get enough money from mylot then I will buy one for myself.. heheheh..
@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
16 Nov 12
Your brother must have found it to be reliable that prompted him to get another one for himself. There are so many brands in the market and one needs to have a trail use of one to be convinced of buying the brand. I am using Samsung galaxy to mylot. Initially I did not like the idea of using his small gadget as I am used to table top computer but now I like using it as I can bring it anywhere and still able to log in mylot without much problem.
• Philippines
16 Nov 12
i often use my laptop i have tablet but my sister keep using it so i stop using tablet i just use my laptop good for your brother he can join mylot too
@williamjisir (22902)
• China
16 Nov 12
It is so nice of the tablet that you can easily chat with each other with the video so clear. It is worth it when it is so useful and handy. Right now I do not have the plan to get one, but who knows I might want to have one sometime. I am also crazy about this kind of electrical stuff. Enjoy yourself, hotsummer.