I love my new tablet

@kearkear (259)
November 19, 2012 11:04pm CST
I bought my new samsung tablet 10.0. I really love my new with with lots of features and really user friendly. Though it is quite expensive, it would be very okay because though that the price is high, I indeed contented with what I have on my hand.
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3 Dec 12
if any company which is comparable with apple that is Samsung Samsung's products is very awesome and smooth fluid. I recently purchased Samsung galaxy note 2 it is very excellent mobile specially spen is very usable. anyway congrats to you.
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@youless (93108)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Nov 12
I am glad that you bought a nice product. In fact I even think you are wiser to choose it rather than iPad. I have Samsung tablet 7.7 and I like it very much. I think in the long term that the Android market will have a better future. Since most of the apps are free.
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@atv818 (1988)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Nov 12
Well, you should be contented since you have a very high tech gadget on hand. I presumed that you used your Mylot earnings for this, right?
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• Philippines
20 Nov 12
that's so cool, it really an awesome gadget. i love it when especially when i'm using it to watch movies and play games. enjoy.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
23 Dec 12
i never had a table before also because i think you can do all things you normally do with a tablet using your mobile smartphone anyway if you feel comfortable probably due to a better display and even features of your tablet it means you did the right choice with your samsung!!
@rosekiss (30266)
• Eugene, Oregon
10 Dec 12
I also have the 10 inch samsung tablet. I like it a lot, and sometimes, when I am doing one thing on my lapop, and I want to do something different, then I will use my tablet. I keep it by jme so it is there to use when I need it. I have had an Acer tablet, and I didnt like that one as much as I like the galaxy tablet. I have used it to post in here along with my laptop and my phone. Right now, I am on my laptop. It is amazing what you can do with the tablet, as it is just another computer, but with a different operating system. Mine gets a lot of use. When I got mine in the spring, it was on sale at Best Buy, and that is why I got it, otherwise I wouldnt have, as like you said, they are expensive, but I think it is a better tablet than the ipad would be. I hope you enjoy your tablet, and have fun, and have a great day.