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November 20, 2012 11:58am CST
The 4th pirate of the Caribbean movie did not impress me as much as the original trilogy. It was missing something. Johnny Depp of course was brilliant but the movie was missing that little extra. Am I being to critical or just being a creature of habit?
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• India
23 Mar 13
I have also your opinion,the last part starnger tides is not much good as comparing with the earlier parts.I think it is because of the director of 4th part is diffrent from the firt 3 parts.
2 Feb 13
Right Man Original trilogy has all same charators like two pirates fat and thin two east india company's cop who are talking with eachother insted of other thing Barbosa's Monkey Mostly actress Elisa Beth and actor William Turner All is getting changed in "Stranger Tides" "Stranger Tides" is great but not like "At worlds End"
@jackyang (55)
• China
13 Jan 13
I have no exciting impress after watching 4th movie, Johny Deep perform same as before, but the actress seem not fit for this movie, I like the actress before. seems that the editor's talent is dried up, I don't know if the 5th movie will be better.
• United States
2 Dec 12
It seemed like the 4th was just an addition. kinda like those "where are they now things. They should have just let the 3rd be the end like all other good trilogies. Although i did enjoy the mermaid sub=plot.
• United States
21 Nov 12
I enjoyed the 4th one but it didn't really fit in with the storyline of the other movies. I also wish that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly were both still in this series. The movies just don't seem the same without them. I absolutely love the first Pirates movie but I just can't seem to get into this 4th one.
@Shellyann36 (11269)
• United States
21 Nov 12
I rather liked the 4th edition. Penelope Cruz impressed me. I thought it would be a dud without Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom but I was pleasantly surprised. I think that both 2 and 3 were really not up to par with 1 and 4. I am very interested in what 5 is going to be like.
@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
20 Nov 12
Personally, I could never get int those movies. I might have tried to watch the first one but didn't watch it to the end. Yes, Johnny Depp is brilliant but I'm not a fan of his either. I don't think your being too critical it's your opinion and you have right to it.