I got a pat on the shoulder from the dentist

United States
November 20, 2012 7:22pm CST
Today I was back to the dentist for cleaning again. I was under her 3 months hygiene cleaning monitor, because I didn't use floss much, and I didn't clean my teeth good enough. After such "probation" period, on the last 2 times, the dentist give me approval, and a pat on the shoulder this time, because I have done a good job on it. Now, I am back to the 6 - month regular cleaning again. I would say, I have to keep it up, at least I can keep my teeth safe, and make them live longer.
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@Anne18 (11036)
17 Dec 12
Well done on doing a very good job at the dentist. I always get a pat on the shoulder from my dentist for doing a very good job on my teeth and the children's teeth. Four children aged 24 15 13 and 13 and not one of them has a filling in there mouths, so I'm a very proud mummy and pat the children on the shoulder as well as I have taught them well on how ot look after there teeth.
@Shellyann36 (11269)
• United States
21 Nov 12
It is good that you were able to keep up with the flossing and meet the dentists approval this time. It can be expensive goign to the dentist! Our teeth are very important. Continue with the good hygiene!
@neelia27 (896)
• Philippines
21 Nov 12
our teeth is very important for us so we should take good care of it as if we are taking care of the most important thing for us.. unless you wanted to wear a denture.. so that is a lesson for you now.. so next time do your oral hygiene regularly to avoid such things...
@Shavkat (65976)
• Philippines
21 Nov 12
That's a great job! I am also visiting my dentist every after 6 months too. It is better to protect oneself and take good care of our shiny teeth. Good day!
@Iriene88 (5352)
• Malaysia
21 Nov 12
Great job, my friend ... keep it up! I only go to the dentist once a year. However, in between when necessary I will visit my dentist for other services like tooth pulling etc. Right now I have toothache and gum pain. Any advise?