Work inertia have you ever faced it

November 20, 2012 11:54pm CST
I don't know how many persons in a work endeavor do prefer to stick to their basic job without any variation and flexibility. Many often get board with such kind of job where there is no competitiveness and an upward track. We call it work inertia when the mind supposed to get arrested with a mechanical procedure of stagnation in a job. At that point people want to change their job platform with an aim to search for some more flexible, competitive and widened job environment. Have you ever faced it in your work scenario, if so what you did to get through that?
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@ram_cv (16516)
• India
22 Nov 12
I face that all the time. Doing the same work all the time really gets boring and it starts eating into your energy as well. So it is important for me to be trying out different things. Luckily for me I have always had opportunities to try different roles and different work. If nothing else I move around different domains so though the basic work remains same there are variations due to the domain. Cheers! Ram
@kat_2x (105)
22 Nov 12
You just need to do something new...
@natliegleb (5184)
• India
21 Nov 12
i too faced it just because of getting so much momentum and work ,getting spoilt and very tired at the end of the day makes us feel such staggered
@chrystalia (1209)
• Tucson, Arizona
21 Nov 12
I have faced this, and sometimes still do, even though I am now a free lance writer, and work at home. When I had a "real" job, with set hours and tasks, I used to combat this by trying to do different things with my job and my environment-- change the pictures I hung up, or changed something about me, like what I wore to work or what I ate for lunch and where. There isn't much else you can do in a "real" job, unless you can talk your boss into letting you try something different that would help his business. many good ideas that companies use come from employees, at least in small businesses and large ones in the USA where I am. As a self employed person, I vary my hours, and accept as many different work assignments on different topics as I can, and always take time to write here on Mylot as well-- this is my social life. I also compete with myself-- set goals for productivity and reward myself when I reach them. I used to do that in the "real job" world as well-- seeing how many days in a row I could get to work early, how long between absences, and things like that.