chocolate pizza

November 21, 2012 8:33am CST
any body knows the recipe of chocolate pizza/ and how much it takes time to get prepared??
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• Philippines
21 Nov 12
uhhmmm.. is there such food as chocolate pizza?? hehe
@gilenie (190)
21 Nov 12
yeah same here i haven't heard anything abt chocolate pizza too lol
• United States
23 Nov 12
Same here never heard of it
• Canada
7 Jan 13
my daughter and i make a chocolate pizza. it only takes about i would say 20 minutes to prepare. she has a kids cook book and the recipe is in there. it is really good but really sweet and i can only eat a bit at a time.
@beenice2 (2389)
• Canada
21 Dec 12
Never heard about chocolate pizza before. I guess there is a way to make it,similar as the usual pizza. And you have to make it like with choco pudding, because if you go with chocolat bars a bit expensive doesn't it.Well it is my idea. But don't forget I never made any before.
• India
9 Dec 12
Chocolate pizza ? This is the first time I am hearing about chocolate pizza. To me , I dont think chocolate pizza would be great :/. If your plan is to just experiment then well, go ahead and let us know but if you going to try it for the first time and making it for someone else too , I would advice you not to .
@Mavic123456 (14455)
• Thailand
4 Dec 12
I have tried chocolate with pizza in one of our amazing race challenge.. not bad. LOL, but it was not chocolate cooked with pizza, it was pizza topped with chocolates. so delicious, the tomato and chocolate contradict the tastes. LOL
@maclanis (1804)
• Belgium
4 Dec 12
I've never heard of chocolate pizza, it sounds weird!
@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
28 Nov 12
Hi, I haven't tried it and haven't heard about it.
• Philippines
26 Nov 12
I haven't tried it yet and this is the first time that i have heard about a chocolate pizza. Tell us once you've tried it okay?
@owlwings (39758)
• Cambridge, England
21 Nov 12
You can make something which LOOKS like a Pizza quite easily: If you want one made with Pizza dough, try this:
@marguicha (102185)
• Chile
21 Nov 12
AS I know about it, I have only heard of pizzas made with cheese, tomato and other toppings. This is the first time I hear of this. Have you really eaten it?