The House Next Door - A Novel

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November 24, 2012 3:17pm CST
Published in 1978 for "Annalee", this novel was written by Anne Rivers Siddons whom has advertised and written for many magazines. The House Next Door is her second novel and if you enjoy reading horror or something that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, I definitely recommend this book as it is a great read! I still have a copy here that I acquired from the Danville Community College LRC (Learning Resource Center) Library. Sometimes, they are generous enough to give away old books or books that are not used anymore by the community college students. Below, I will post a brief description for your entertainment. "The house next door to Colquitt and Walter Kennedy is haunted by an all-pervasive evil -- an evil that takes away whatever the occupants hold dearest. Colquitt and Walter are about to become witnesses to an overwhelming force that will strip away the veneer of civilization that surrounds and protects them. A stunning feat of architectural imagination and skill, the house is built by Kim Dougherty for his clients, the Harralsons -- newly married, rich, and expecting a baby. They become the first victims of an all-engulfing force they cannot comprehend. But the tragedy of the Harralsons is the only beginning, for the fabric of the Kennedys' lives is also ripped apart. And when the Sheehans move in next door, the house destroys them too. But it is from the Greenes that it will take the ultimate prize. Colquitt and Walter alone understand the subtle, awful toll the house exacts. Their warnings go unheeded, their fears are dismissed, and it seems that if they are to survive they must themselves destroy the house. But it something more than they know, this extraordinary evil, and they either be embraced by it or die." [Book Club Edition] Siddons, Anne Rivers. The House Next Door. Published By Simon and Shuster in 1978. I really don't want to give much more description because it will ruin the suspense for most readers, however if you have a book nook on Amazon or you are really just into reading, it is definitely worth grabbing a copy and even sharing with friends!
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27 Nov 12
Was there not just a movie that was replaced just a little bit over a month ago by the same name? Is the movie based on the novel? You see, I wanted to see the movie but at the time, there was no way that I would have been able to afford going to the movie theater. However, if the movie is based on a book, I am the kind of person that would really like to be able to read the book before I see the movie so that I can visualize things on my own before I see the way that the producers of movies visualize them.
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30 Nov 12
I haven't heard anything about that. I will have to do some research and check that out! I would really like to see a movie rendition of the book, too. It should be quite fascinating. I don't know whether I'd go to the movies to see it or not, though! lol Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!