A big mess!

@911Ricki (13602)
November 25, 2012 8:15pm CST
I made a veggie soup in the crockpot last night, I emptied it into a plastic container to the fridge. We use any dish that food comes in such as butter dishes, whip cream you name it. The glass piece of the crockpot cracked (and has been ctacked for awhile) but got worse, so I was sort if ircked over this and cleaning it up. I get home from work, and my Mom explained her day. She opened the fridge to the bottom of the fridge full of water, and every shelf. Turns out there was a crack in the bottom of the container (very fine one), but being in the fridge all day it leaked everywhere. So now I have a pile of veggies, and no broth. Lesson learnt check for cracks.
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@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
28 Nov 12
You should clean it up so that it will not stick to the fridge and might be hard for you to remove it. I have also experienced that when I put a soup in the fridge and I didn't know it already spilled inside. Now I have to do something. Thanks and have a good day!
@bhelle76 (354)
• Canada
26 Nov 12
That's really a big mess... lol! For you that was a big lesson to learn and think next time. Be sure to check everything! aside from no broth of your soup, a big cleaning up to do in the fridge. Well, you will learn by this mistake next time.
• United States
26 Nov 12
When you have your own place, you need to invest in some good Pyrex containers for storage. They are fairly inexpensive, and they are safe for the dishwasher, freezer, fridge, microwave and even oven. I totally love mine, and I want to get another set like the one I picked up a few months ago (for $20-something).
• United States
26 Nov 12
Wow! You really did have a big mess to clean up. I can't find my crock pot. It must have got list in the move here. I asked SIL if it got put down in the basement and he said he had no idea. I am not allowed to go down there and look for it, and he doesn't want to take the time to look. I have my eye on one I want. It's metal and sits on a heating tray. You can use the dish as a baking dish too. I had a small one once, but the element burned out of the heating tray.