Which favorite book would you like to see as a movie?

November 28, 2012 3:37am CST
The Twilight saga is a story from a novel written by Stephanie Mayer, as far a far know, the book already has fans when they turned it as a movie and it became a huge success. Harry Potter also came from a series of books and also most children movies like Charlie and the chocolate factory, Chronicles of Narnia and Disney fairytales. some novels of Nicholas Spark have movie adaptations as well. Which favorite book that do not have movie do you want to see in the big screen? For me, I would love to see And then you die by Iris Johansson as a movie as i think they didn't yet discover how great and interesting this suspense novel is. I also want to see Archie and friends in a series or Betty and Veronica.
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@lady1993 (17676)
• Philippines
29 Nov 12
I have always wanted Sherrilyn kenyon's The Dark Hunter series come to life.. since they are similar to vampires and the vampire thing is in these days, why don't they give it a try. I just love the characters, they are interesting and each one is unique and has a dark past... and it has Greek Mythology too.
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
29 Nov 12
I have been disappointed with each of my favorite books produced as a movie.The reason being, a story can cover much in a few pages, while a movie does not have the time, and much content has to be cut from the score. A story is not limited to any number of pages, while a movie has to do it all in a couple of hours. Have you noticed, they give you these stupid 3D glasses to wear, as if this was going to make any difference? How many books have you read in 2 hours? My biggest movie disappointment from one of my favorite stories is "Alice in Wonderland." This movie left out most of the best parts the story.
@ShyBear88 (17427)
• United States
29 Nov 12
The next big movies made from books is the Hunger games. Now that was a good book and I think it was better done in a different way then most all movies I can't wait to see the second movie when it comes out. My husband I look forward to see how they turn out the first one was good as a movie it was better done then Harry Potter and Twilight.
@cluelle (132)
• Canada
28 Nov 12
I've wished forever that there would be an awesome mini-series or movie series of Amber by Roger Zelazny. Pure sci-fi/fantasy adventure with plenty of intrigue, unique magic, and inter-dimensional travelling. Plus, I've always had a crush on Prince Random :D. The other would be Stephen King's "Dark Tower" books. I really wish they had green-lit the project, and that the guy who led BSG and Carnivale could do it... to a complete finish.