I have been good all my life

November 29, 2012 10:01am CST
I know I have been so good to my family. I am the eldest so I believe I have the responsibility to oversee my siblings because my parents are away. But now that I have graduated in college, I want to move out and look for a job so I can help my family financially but my Mother said that I have to take care of my siblings because she's in other country and I don't have to rush things because the right job will come to me in the right time. But the problem is I really want to find myself; get a good job; learn how to live on my own and be independent and I do not want to wait for eternity because if I will not do a way in order to grow professionally, I don't think that time will ever come to me. So please help me think. What shall I do? Do I have to follow my heart and dreams or my Mom?
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@Shavkat (65004)
• Philippines
6 Dec 12
The goodness from your well-being will not be lost if you follow your heart to something. You can still be a good daughter to look over your other siblings. It is a matter of having compromise between you and them.
• Philippines
29 Nov 12
It's one tough decision that you have to make..if your siblings are old enough to take care of themselves then you can make your mom understand & pursue your dreams. You are not getting any younger & your mom didn't raise you to stay in the house. You are indeed a very good older sister!
@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Nov 12
hi valortie but if you follow your dreams , live on y our own, and earn really'well will not that help you mom and sibling better still?Could you not take care of your siblings better if you had a really great job? And what of Mom in another country,those are her children, she should b e supporting them too if they and not old enough to work?Go o ut on yo your own and get that really good job.It would be the best way to help your family.