white Shirt Turn brown!!

@Lucas818 (377)
November 30, 2012 11:19pm CST
Dear mylotters, anyone experience before? White shirt or clothes turn into brown colour as a result of haven't wear for some time. When I went through my board, I noticed this situation, which some of my white colour clothes became brown and some brown dots appeared on it. I'm not sure why but can anyone help me on this:- how to get rid of these brown stains and dots on the shirt? I had tried to wash yet nothing is change..
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• Philippines
3 Jan 13
Sometimes, putting clothes most especially white clothes over your closet for a long time causes it to find or to stain/discolor. It is because the shirt has not been lit with light and somehow, wooden fixtures sticks stains over white colored clothing. I also experienced having my white T’s turned faded because I never wore it and put it on the closet, what I did is every other week I put the shirt soaked on detergent and bleach for an hour and have it dry clean. It is also best to cover your shirt with closet covers like that in some stores, or a plastic bag, it will help your cloth not stick on the wooden fixtures over your closet.
@meowchie (992)
• Philippines
2 Dec 12
Yeah it's because of dust maybe, or sometimes you didn't notice it has been caused of rust/stain from water pipes. It usually happens in some cities where the water color is like rust,that turns light or white shirts to yellowish or brown. My mom uses bleach and on dots she have used lemon/calamansi. At some I've seen they have disappeared too. :D You might wanna give it a try :)