Uh, no you may not hold my baby.....

December 4, 2012 9:28pm CST
For some reason, random strangers at the park and at the grocery store just LOVE to ask if they can hold my son. I always tell them he may like looking at the and "talking" with them, but he's a momma's boy at heart and will scream if handed off to someone else. It's not entirely true, but it works. It's not that I'm adverse to passing him around - I do whenever I'm at a gathering of acquaintances or my baby play group. But I don't see why someone that doesn't know us or him would even want to hold him. It creeps me out a little bit. What did you do when asked to pass your kids around? Do you know what the urge to play with stranger's babies is?
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@dee777 (1418)
• South Africa
5 Dec 12
When people get older and their children have left the nest, they love holding a small child...to remind them. When young married couples see a new born, they want to hold...to encourage them. Babies are beautiful and lovable and is nice to hold, BUT you do not have to hand over your baby if you, as a mother do not feel ok in doing it.
5 Dec 12
I think part of the weird out for me is unless it was a family or friends baby, I held zero interest in it. I'll go "Awh, look at the cute baby!" and otherwise not care.
@laydee (12814)
• Philippines
5 Dec 12
Oh, I wouldn't pass around my child. I think it's creepy too and regardless the intention, we never know what they are really thinking of. What if the person would run with my kid? What if the person is mentally unstable? There are countless of "what if's" and I wouldn't take a chance to my kid. I remember the time when a friend of mine told me that there was one time when an old man was appreciating her son and the guy gave his son some money for toys. She told the kid to return it and when the man told her that it's a gift because he reminded him of his grandchild, she didn't really know what to do. The guy insisted so she had no choice but to thank the guy. I think the situation was creepy too and I think I wouldn't know how to react to that - giving money to the kid. I think it's not really dangerous, but what if there some sort of something in return? I don't know. Perhaps if it happened in the mall it would be okay, but if it's in the unsecured location then perhaps I would insist that I return the money. Whew! Tough choices for mothers! Have a great mylot experience ahead!
5 Dec 12
I would be a bit creeped out by that too. It's funny how society has got us so paranoid about other people though, isn't it. We can't trust anyone anymore.
@kaka135 (14066)
• Malaysia
8 Mar 13
Well, I won't pass my kids around among the strangers, but I did let stranger carry my son before, in the park. But, I make sure I am always by his side. My son was a very friendly baby, he always smiled to others when he was a baby, and he could let anyone carry him, almost everyone. Some strangers asked if they could take a photo with my son, but I always make sure I am by his side. I think people just think the baby or kid is adorable, and want to hold or hug him, and some want to take photos with him. Only women or young ladies requested to hold my baby, hence I think it's just a motherly thing.
• India
6 Feb 13
Thanks for this discussion and welcome to mylot. When people see a cute baby with the parents in park, or mall even in train or bus, they want to hold, it is natural, if that person looks goos, dresses good, i allow my them to hold my grandkids usually.
@ShyBear88 (17615)
• United States
6 Dec 12
People just love to hold babies it's kind of hard to look at a baby and not want to hold them. I haven't had anybody that I don't know ask to hole my babies. I've had people wave to them, talk to them tell us how cute they are. I've had people me that they don't believe I just had a baby like 14 weeks ago. I've had all kind of things said to me or my babies.
@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
5 Dec 12
So many times I've wanted to hold someone's baby but would never ask. I wouldn't let a stranger hold my baby you never know if they have a disease or are crazy and will kidnap them. Some people are so strange!
@vanz_6 (100)
• Philippines
5 Dec 12
honestly, i wouldn't pass my baby boy with someone we don't know too. i think it's unsafe and not healthy. it's okay for them to play with my baby while i hold him but not for them to hold him too. it's scary to know that someone might hold him and with a blink of an eye will go away with my baby. oh no, i couldn't even bare the thought. though i would want my baby to develop good social skills but i don't want that idea of a stranger carrying him instead of me or my husband. it's okay if they're someone we know like friends perhaps or family members but not strangers we just met at the grocery or elsewhere. :-)