any profile or something like that HELP

December 5, 2012 3:20am CST
i use firefox now i want to know is there any thing like i want when i open firefox it asks for password or something like that so that when it opens my add ons, bookmarks, history, passwords, extensions, auto log in toolbars Guys please help its really difficult for me THANKS
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@peferble (149)
• Bangladesh
10 Dec 12
If you are using another user account which has not the permit to access all application on system, this will be. Log on to your admin user and make full permit of your current user.
@yugocean (7516)
• India
6 Dec 12
It seems to be like your firefox has multiple accounts with different settings, you have to use your own account. Go to Create profile wizard in the profile manager, use a distinct name for your profile account and create it.
@challs12 (549)
• Malaysia
6 Dec 12
I think you can have saperate setting on your desktop, favorite site or bookmark through setting the computer user when log in to your computer. You can set one user name and create one for each user. Then you can have your own setting in which nobody can access to it like bookmark, desktop items, etc. But I don't know if it will go up to add on items but I think it will do. You can try first.
@owlwings (38500)
• Cambridge, England
5 Dec 12
Firefox used to have the ability to have more than one "account" with separate settings for each one. I cannot find any reference to that now in the Help files. For the kind of security you are seeking, it is probably best to use Windows' own account system. This will allow you to have two completely separate Firefox instances, each with their own settings, addons, history, passwords &c. If you share a PC, you should set up an account for each user with the appropriate permissions.
@Mavic123456 (8314)
• Thailand
5 Dec 12
I think there is a problem with firefox now. Mine is can't display webpage, but when I tried internet explorer it worked. I am not sure with this problem and I don't if it has any effect on me sending emails to my friend with .aol. Which we were continuously doing until this morning. all the emails that I sent her were returned. However, when I asked my friend for any problem in her email. she said nothing is wrong with it for she has been continuously current emails on time.