Vegas Nerve Stimulator

December 5, 2012 6:37pm CST
I was diagnosed with seizures 2 years ago after almost wrecking my car while going to pick my kids up from school. My seizures were not full body and my symptoms were not like a normal seizure. I had chest pain and blacking out. It took me fighting with my family doctor and 2 specialist to get diagnosed. Once I was diagnosed, I went through 17 different meds and I still have not found one that works. In October, my doctor implanted a Vegas Nerve Stimulator in my chest and neck. It is designed to stop the seizures by sending an electronic pulse to my brain every 5 minutes for 30 seconds each time. So far, I have had more seizures with it than without it. But my doctor says to give it more time that it can take up to a year for the settings to be right and for me to see any improvement. Is there anyone else out there that has this and can shed some light on this subject?
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• St. Peters, Missouri
6 Dec 12
When I was having seizures daily, I had one doctor suggest it. Before I agreed, I had changed doctors. My new doctor told me research says they only work on certain types of seizures. It's been a while now, but I think it had to do with where the seizure originates. She also told me that even if I did have the "right type" of seizures, it's far from a guarantee that it will work. Good luck to you. I hope it works out for you.
6 Dec 12
I am beginning to think that Im stuck. I guess Im just scared of what the next step would be if it doesnt work. Thanks for the info.
@Christoph56 (1508)
• Canada
6 Dec 12
My seizures were a bit along those lines, except that I would just get these strange feelings all over the place, and I'd blank out, but when I was blanked out, I would still be active, but I'd do weird things that I would not remember at all. I didn't find that medication worked... I tried 2 kinds, one that made me extra sleepy, and the other I couldn't sleep at all with, but neither of them stopped my seizures... maybe just slowed them down a bit. I was never given the nerve stimulator, but they gave me brain surgery. Pretty crazy to go through, but thankfully, I haven't had a seizure since then.