How to check number of users connected to wifi

December 8, 2012 11:39am CST
Hi, How to check number of users connected in our wifi ? I heard now a days, wifi passwords can be easily hacked! If some one else is using wifi,, how to check those details I heard we get information under router page, i checked all the details, but not able to found as whether this information is available or not as where to check? Is this information is available in our computer which is connected to that router, if yes, where to check that? Please share your views Thanks in advance December 08, 2012 23:05 IST)
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@owlwings (40042)
• Cambridge, England
8 Dec 12
You need to log in to the wifi router. Depending on what make it is and how it is configured, you may have to connect to it directly (with an ethernet cable) to do this. Menus vary, depending on the make, but there should be a page which tells you the MAC addresses of the machines which are logged in at any time and possibly a log of the machines which have connected. There should also be a menu item which allows you to restrict logging in to specific MAC addresses (which should be the addresses of all the machines which you want to allow). This would prevent any unauthorised log-in, even if that person had hacked your password. Of course, you should set a very strong password of 10 characters or more and a mix of upper and lower case, numerals and symbols. You should also change the Admin password of the router and make it only possible to log in to the router from an ethernet connection.
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• India
9 Dec 12
Namaste Sir, As always, I had learnt a lot from your responses (thumbup) Like after checking your responses, in the above i found option called Wireless Mac Address Filter in that two option Activated and Deactivated before your response it was on deactivated mode, but after your response i had changed the status as Activated and also used mac address (checked from my mobile handset, in wifi under advanced settings) I checked details with two mobile handsets, first i added the details of my own handset and it got connected (after activating status) Another handset i tried without adding mac address in router page and it didn't work even knowing the password, then i added that mac address of second handset and then it worked. Thanks a lot for above information you provided in this discussion.thumbup I have one more question to ask from you, this is related to [b]Authentication type under Multiple SSIDs setting [/b] under that i come across different options like 1. WEP 64 bites 2. WEP- 128 bites 3. WPA-PSK 4. WPA-PSK/WPA2- PSK 5. Radious 6. WPA-Enterprize 7. WPA2 Enterprize 8.WPA/WpA2 Enterprize Why so many option and which one to select, in the above, which is best suited? I have selected 4th option, is that option is correct?
• Indonesia
9 Dec 12
I believe this is all you need, just run it from any computer connected to your wifi and you will see all computers connected to it,,