Disappointed at Pacquiao during National Anthem

December 8, 2012 11:21pm CST
I know it's just a small thing and maybe he couldn't hear it (is that possible? Isn't he near the stage?), but I was really disappointed that Manny Pacquiao continued his boxing practice during the National Anthem. It's a small but very telling thing, don't you think? To show the respect required when a National Anthem is being played. He keeps saying he's fighting for the country, that he dedicates all his fights for his nation and I believe him, but I feel like even if he is fighting for the Filipinos, he seems not to give much thought to one of the things that represent the Philippines. I mean, he didn't need to sing of course. Just -- if he could have just stood in attention, that he was paying the minimum amount of respect to the Flag. =| I wonder if I'm the only one who thought of it?
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10 Dec 12
I downloaded the fight today to watch. I do not think it is a big deal even if it wasn't a slip up and he did not hear it. Boxers get really into the zone when they are about to fight so he may not have heard it. Even if he did hear it I do not think that means we should question his loyalty or what he is truly fighting for. I think we should judge his dedication to his country by his works and not by him placing his hand over his heart for a minute. He is very active in the government and reserves as you stated and always reps national pride. I think that is worth more than a minute of standing.
• Philippines
19 Jan 13
If he heard it and did not stand at attention or give it the smallest amount of respect, that's actually a really telling thing about his character. You don't judge someone because of the big things they do where everyone can see; you judge them based on the small things, the little things that everyone can do and not everyone pay attention to because if they can't even do the small things, then how can I expect them to do the bigs things that will affect me? Standing at attention or paying the flag a small amount of respect doesn't affect anyone else, but it is something that shows one's respect for their country. If he can't do that, can I believe that someone who can't respect his flag and national anthem can then respect me? I'm a nobody! But the flag and national anthem are everywhere. I mean, just look at the difference between Pacquaio's treatment of our National Anthem and Marquez's treatment of his. And Pacquaio's reaction was after Marquez's. It was so embarrassing and disappointing. The Filipinos who squealed when Pacquiao was shown on the screen DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM was equally disappointing and embarrassing. Clearly, Filipinos care little for their country. This is obvious to everyone, of course. I really shouldn't have been surprised.
@neelia27 (896)
• Philippines
10 Dec 12
well maybe his focus and his mind is to win that`s why he keeps on practicing that is why he might not heard our national anthem or maybe he thinks that his body is still not on condition to fight that is why he keep on practicing even though our anthem is being played.. and that little time will help him in somehow to condition his self.. but sadly it turns out to be a sad day for all of us.. but still for me i still salute him for fighting with all his heart..
• Philippines
22 Jan 13
I don't know neelia. I mean, he was walking normally up to the side of the ring and he's been fighting for so long, I doubt he'l forget that you have to sing your National Anthem before you even start your fight. And I understand if he was so obsessed with winning that he could tune out everything else, but I think it's a pretty conscious decision to ignore the logical course of events (that is, boxers arrive and move to their sides of the ring National Anthem of each player's country + home country lays players called to the ring to voice out rules and start fight) when he's been a boxer for so long. I also think he could be focused on winning and still pay attention to our National Anthem. Then again, I wasn't just disappointed at Pacquiao. I was also disappointed at the Filipinos who actually squealed when Pacquiao was shown on screen WHILE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM WAS BEING SUNG. Ugh. So embarrassing. And that had to come after the Mexicans loud singing and Marquez's utter respect for his flag and anthem. The differences were so jarring.
@rsa101 (13886)
• Quezon City, Philippines
10 Dec 12
Oh I was not able to watch it but I guess you're right about that. I think he was trying to focus on this fight that he forgot about the playing of national anthemn and did not noticed it was playing already. I just hope this was a slight mistake on his part and he did not intentionally
@beamer88 (4268)
• Philippines
9 Dec 12
I didn't actually watched the fight. I only learned of the outcome in the evening news. Well, if Pacquiao wasn't standing at attention when our national anthem was being played, he is actually violating the law (RA 8491) which stipulates "all persons shall stand at attention and face the Philippine flag." What's ironic is that Pacquiao is himself a lawmaker, and as such, he should know this. And not only that, he's a recently promoted Lt. Colonel in the Army reserve force, and as such, should render a salute when the national anthem is played. I guess when you're popular you can get away with things.