Where to keep Lucky Bamboo tree in home as per the Chinese feng shui

December 9, 2012 12:22am CST
I have purchased a Lucky Bamboo tree to keep inside my home. Some one told me that if we keep the Small Bamboo tree in the front room there will be wealth as per Feng Shui. But I do not know where to keep it. Is anyone knows about the position where the Bamboo tree to keep in the front room. The door of the front room to outside is towards East. Please help me.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
9 Dec 12
So your happiness and wealth is depending on a tree? How about keeping the tree somewhere where it is light and it can grow and taking good care of it? Plus taking good care of yourself. I also would like to know what you consider as "weath". If you know that you can work for it yourself. BTW will you kill the tree if no wealth is comming to you?
• India
9 Dec 12
When a person fall ill or fall in a financial crisis, during that time he may call the God. Oh My God. During that time we will take several ways to cure it. Every one need Wealth. We will go to the Astrologer, Vastu shastra, Feng Shui etc. Feng shui says if we keep the tree in our home there may be wealth. Several people are trying. Let me also try. I am not killing the tree. I will keep the tree in a pot in my living room and will put the water. Thanks for your comments mam.