December 12, 2012 10:19pm CST
we always eat everyday but my favorite food is our native food which is the filipino foods. our foods can only be found in our country of course. my favorite filipino dishes are sinigang, adobo, and pinakbet. our food is really tasty that's why many people from other country find it delicious because we have different tastes of foods. i'm very proud of our foods because even other people's country like it and find it really pleasing
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@ladym33 (11008)
• United States
30 Dec 12
Filipino food is really good, it has a lot of flavors but it can be found in other countries. I love Adobo and we have a market that specializes in international food and I get it there quite often. The flavors of Filipino food are wonderful.
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
Welcome to mylot! Enjoy mylotting as always as you could! Well, it is so nice of you in promoting Filipino foods... Filipino foods are really tasty because of the realization that every Filipino is a good taster... LOL. I love sinigang and adobo too. I love nilagang baka and bulalo also. To top it all... I love sisig, kinilaw, and kaldereta. That's all... ;) But I love other countries food especially pasta and pizza... I love spicy foods so much as I love sweets too. In short, I am really a totally food lover... LOL
@margies (128)
• Indonesia
13 Dec 12
What is sinigang, adobo, and pinakbet? How is the taste? My favourite food is satay, fried rice , rendang, and so many more :) , many people in my country like that .. I guess it's more interesting and pleasing to try some other food from different countries, because every countries have a unique foods and also delicious ..