Is smart phone good or bad for us?

December 15, 2012 2:39am CST
Today, people are using many kind of mobilephone. Cellphones are changing from year to year. They had a lot of opportunity, capacity and even they had touch field and are remoted by finger. Some of them speak to their owner. It seems that although it has a lot of good, new things on moblephone;people's movement are reducing, so they are becoming cack-handed. Before they use buttons to write sms and call. But now they don't need to use buttons because their phones have touch and also they can talk with their phones. Maybe some phones are more intelligent than some people. A few years ago, while we are intelligent, our cellphones are silly. But now, our cellphones are intelligent and we are getting stupid. What do you thing about that?
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• India
15 Dec 12
smartphones are good is upon the person whether hez dumb or not.smartphones have so many uses nowadays u just use them for so many tasks.It doesnt make you dumb.It just increases your efficiency.
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@caopaopao (12377)
• China
15 Dec 12
HI, I know many people always buy the new produced phones, I call them mobilephone fans. As to me, mobilephone is just a way to contact with others when it's needed. I won't change my phone unless it doesn't work. My phone was bought several years ago, and it cost me about 100 $ at that time.
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@akp100 (13327)
• India
18 Jan 13
Hello As per me they are surely good for us. Yes people are passing there time more with it, but its not same for everyone. They are surely helpful in multiple ways. These days smart phones not have only one feature of calling. We can do many things like internet, photography, movies, music and many more. So why not to have fun with them(of course with limitation).
@jackyang (55)
• China
13 Jan 13
The cellphone will be more smart in the future, I think the cellphone's touch fuction will be canceled, instead of by voice control or vision control, the cellphone become much more smart not means people become stupid, anyway, it is made by people, both of us seems that be impressed by fantasy movie, people is controlled by robit or there must be a war between hunmanity and robit. it just a movie, not reality. I think humanity will always control technology, never technology can control humanity, it means cellphone is just a communication tool, no matter how its technology is intelligent, people will never become degeneration.
@Sureoi (176)
• Philippines
3 Jan 13
It depends on how you use your smartphone. Smartphones are very useful to us, especially to students and professionals. It can be your source of information. There are many educational apps out there like dictionary, bible, encyclopedia apps out there. Smartphones can boost our productivity but if you'll just use it for time-wasting activities like texting or gaming, that's where you lose your path to success. Have a nice day and happy mylotting! :)
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
19 Dec 12
i think that there were many stupid people also when there were just celphones and not reality it sounds a little bit exaggerated these consideration about technology also because it depends in what way you use all different devices and i think that in many cases they can simplify your different activities also because you have the possibility to stay connected every where and so make many things...So you can consider that worst people in human history in many cases never had or used a smartphone or pc too but they made worst actions the same!!
• Thailand
18 Dec 12
I think smartphone make my life easy . There are many app give us chooses to used. Depend on using our.
@rosekiss (30266)
• Eugene, Oregon
16 Dec 12
When it comes to smartphones, it really all depends on the person using the phone. It is true that phones are smarter, and people seem to be not as smart, as they wii do dumb things while using them, things that shouldn't be done. I have a samthphone, but I don't text and drive, as in the state of Oregon, it is against the law, and in fact, we also need to use bluetooth, as we aren't supposed to have it up to our ear while driving. I agree, as it can be a deterrent, and a person can get into accidents if they aren't paying attention. I try to do the right things when using my phone, always. Take care, and have a great day.