gun control needs to happen now!

@lelin1123 (15645)
Puerto Rico
December 15, 2012 7:39am CST
I was too upset to start a discussion on what happened at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday, now I'm ANGRY! When will people realize that this is never going to stop happening till people are willing to give up their guns. I don't care if its the individual or government who decides this but we need to have every gun taken out of every home and off the streets of America. Until this happens we will be seeing another school, shopping mall, theatre, bank etc... where innocent people will be killed. I don't understand what it will take for this to stop. There are to many mentally ill and criminals in the world who can get access to a gun. This is why this continues to happen and won't stop till we as a society decide we don't need to live with guns. Twenty innocent little children were taken from their parents due to a mentally ill 24 year old kid. Eight adults lost their lives along with them. What is it going to take for people in our society to get the message that people with guns kill other people. (PS. It has not been stated that he was diagnosed mentally ill I'm calling him that because you have to be to kill innocent children or anyone for that matter)
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@sylvia13 (1851)
• Nelson Bay, Australia
19 Dec 12
I agree with you completely, as hearing about those kids being gunned down in school, of all places, was even offensive! I was precisely in Connecticut when I finished school many years ago, so this news hurt even more!
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• Pamplona, Spain
15 Dec 12
Hiya lelin, What gets me is how did they never see the problem of that person? He must have given some kind of indication that he was not right. But most of all it left me really chilled when I heard about the amount of small children killed too and you get to think what have small children got to do with his problem? Feel very sorry for all the others that lost their lives too, loss of small children always gets to me more than any other. I can never understand why they want to hurt innocent people and apart from that I can never understand why they want to hurt anyone like that anyway. Just defies belief to me at least. Most of us over here are "frozen" with disbelief because you never think that it can happen but it does. We send our deepest sympathies to all those who have lost someone in such a terrible event and realizing that this can happen anywhere in the world. Cannot really write much about it but it has impacted on us yet very strong even though we are thousands of miles away from you
@natliegleb (5186)
• India
15 Dec 12
because it has already reached a epitome and the height for sure and it needs to be controlled vigilantly or we will end up one fine day being victimised
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