Meet My Skylabs

@ruffabee (145)
December 15, 2012 9:28am CST
College days are better than high school days for me, because it is the time wherein we can make friends with your classmates even if we are irregular students. Irregular students are those who are called 'transferees' from another school, of course, if you, for example, are transferee, you are probably still nervous of how will you treat them, I mean, are you gonna feel ashamed or agitated to meet them. Well, most of college students or transferees are agitated to meet their classmates. They will approach each other, ask their names, talk about, let's say, some class schedules, their former school, their course, and everything about being a new student or transferee. Now, as your journey of being a transferee starts in four corners of classrooms begins, a professor will come to handle you as a class. She will be around sixties, yeah an old woman with a passion and dedication to make you learn, and wearing a formal blouse, black slacks, partnered with a blazer. At first, she will be perceived as a strict, but as your class will go on, you will find out that she is charming, understanding, and considerate, and she will term you and your new classmates as "People Of The Earth" and you will gonna hear some lines from her such as "Always read", "Do some research", and "Always listen to each other's suggestions". And the bottomline of this introduction is you are me. Now, let me introduce to you my one of a kind school buddies, termed as Skylabs. I also name it as Skylab, Like No Other. 1. Mary Jean, or simply MJ - She is one of the agitated Skylabs, aside from me. She is currently taking up management course and is a transferee. The first time I met her is when I was in my junior year in college, and she was a sophomore. Well, as of now, she is a graduating student and hoping to finish by next year, god willing. Well, an important trivia about her is she was the one who formed the term Skylab. Why? Here's the impeccable reason. One sunny afternoon, I was done with my previous subject and I had a small matter to accomplish in our computer laboratory wich is called Cai Lab. I do not know why it is called a Cai Lab. I had to follow up my photo shoot for our ID. Well, of course, MJ knew about that. So, when we met in the library, she just asked me like this: "Ruffa, did you already go to the skylab?" hahahaha LOL! She really asked that. I said, "What skylab?" Then she answered, you told me to have an important matter to follow up there." Yeah, I knew then that I told her. "Dude" I said, still laughing. "That's a Cai Lab, not skylab". From then on, we started calling our group, Skylab. 2. Janette - We call her Nette. She is a year older than me and she has been perceieved as a geek because of her eyeglasses. She isn't really a geek, but I proudly say that she has tried her best to cope up with her studies. Well, as of now, she has stopped her schooling due to financial problems. She once called me Hany Ruffa because I love eating Hany Candies, which is actually a peanut candy. 3. Imelda - Aimee for short. She is the oldest in our group. Would you believe that she is now 44 years old. Yeah, when she got in school again, she was then 40. She also graduated elementary and high school on our beloved alma mater, St. Matthew College, wherein she only spent two and a half years as an Education student. She had stopped for almost 20 years because she only took up vocational course, opposite to what her parents want for her before. And because she wants to give her parents a favor, she tried to go back to school. Last year, she stopped, left SMC, and enrolled on a caregivng course, which she successfully finished, thanks god. Why caregiving course? Her brother is an accountant in Canada, and he promised to petition her to work as a caregiver. So, she enrolled a caregiving course and graduated this year. Well, as I heard, she is now applying to migrate in Canada, hopefully. 4. Rio Havanna - Simply Sassy. The newest member of Skylabs. She is also a jolly girl, like me and MJ. Actually, MJ and Sassy are now close friends unlike me and her before. Why? Because I was the first one in the group who graduated this year. In short, I was the senior then, and they were sophomores at that time, although me and MJ had been close to each other since I was a junior. At first, Aimee's impression on Sassy was negative because the latter was fond of holding the former's arms while walking which made her feel unease and disgusted. But, as time had passed by, Aimee and Sassy became friends as well as other Skylabs. Sassy is also taking up Management course. Before landing on our group, Sassy had been a close buddy of other classmates, Sarah and Christine, which they called their group, "PowerPuff Girls", well, I dont know what happend to them. I think that group is still on as well as Skylabs. Yeah, probably she has two groups. Important Details: 1. We, the Skylabs used to talk about different shenanigans of our former classmates, yeah, especially those who were not our close buddies. I'll mention one. Charles Julianne or CJ. When he got on our school as transferee, our first impression was totally negative. Yeah, he had wanted to prioritize more of his extra-curricular activities such as joining a streetdance competition, and being a student leader. Yeah, he was the president of Council Of Mattheans, which is the name of our student body organization, wherein I used to be the Freshman Representative, way back in 2008. We didn't like him at first because he was focusing more of his organizations and activities, than prioritizing on his school works such as assignment, quizzes, and reports. He used to be the associate editor of The Matthean Gazette. As its chief editor before, I used to talk to him more just to ask him for follow ups regarding our news entries, layouting matters, and other entries just to beat the deadline. CJ just graduated with me and other classmate and my thesis partner, Ralph, with the same degree, Communication Arts. 2. Aimee got some minor sentiments about our former classmate, Leah. In fairness, Leah and I became a lil bit close to each other, but not with Aimee. Well, this is a lil bit difficult coz Aimee and Leah are my close buddies before, although, Leah is the least coz she doesn't belong to the Skylabs. Whenever Aimee shares me her sentiments against Leah, I had to be very careful of what I am gonna advice her, because I don't wanna offend the two of them. Leah hadn't shared any sentiments against Aimiee for the record. One of her most disgusting things she hated about Leah is whenever the latter would call up somebody and then she will raise her voice in front of the former. Aimee also told me that Leah used not to participate well on any rehearsals whenever school programs were about to begin, and she also accidentally destroyed Aimee's casette player. You know, being in the midst of moderating sentiments between my Skylabs and other classmates, was quite tough. As much as possible, I didn't want to be the cause of their feud, that's why I used to listen to them as careful as I could, and I didn't want to misinterpret my advices so that's why I used to think critically whenever they had sentiments. 3. Library. Our ultimate hangout place, wherein we used to mess up with lots of school works. There, we do lots of blabberings and sentiments. Well, sometimes, we had different schedules of classes. For an instance, MJ's first class would start at 7 am and end at 8 am. Then her next class would be in the afternoon, so that's why, she would stay in the library, while my class would be in 9 am and end at 10 am so, MJ would wait for me until 10 am. And once we met, lots of spoken shenanigans would be uttered. 4. Camera mode. Of course, as part of our Skylab trippings, we would have a photo ups everywhere, even in the library, believe me. MJ and I would first have at least five to ten photo ups in the library, while waiting for Aimee, Nette, and Sassy. Then once the gang was complete, we would go outside the library, maybe on the umbrella cottages, canteen, gymnasium, and mini soccer field just to take some silly pictures and we would of course post that on our Facebook page immediately. You know how much I became sad upon receiving news that I would be going to graduate this year, because I would surely miss them, our trippings, and messing around different areas of hangouts.
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@Anne18 (11036)
18 Dec 12
So glad that you have found some new friends and that you are enjoying college. I loved reading about your friends and hope that you will keep us all updated with what you all get up to. Happy mylotting my dear friend
@ruffabee (145)
• Philippines
19 Dec 12
well, thanks. I really loved being with them, and we really enjoyed each company. the only matter is we cherished every good and bad moments before. I really love them and I hope to find cool guys like them once I enter my post graduate degree next year, god willing
@Anne18 (11036)
20 Dec 12
Would love to hear some more stories about the labs
@mythociate (15600)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
18 Feb 13
So now your goal is to turn your next workplace into Skylabs, Like No Other! Let's get started on the plan!
@ruffabee (145)
• Philippines
23 Feb 13
no, not really....