$60-$90 for a Ticket to Kamp's New-Year's-Eve Party? Way Too Expensive, Right?

@mythociate (15611)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 16, 2012 10:06am CST
Well, they've got a few open bars (one with regular beer-etc., one with more-expensive drinks), and there's going to be food provided and lots of music (either live- or -provided by DJs). And 1310 NW 25th is a pretty expensive place ... I haven't been in there since they-closed the sandwich-restaurant/gourmet-grocery & -changed it into a nightclub (except once, to use the restroom, months-&-months ago). I hear they've changed the old flower-shop in back into a VIP-lounge ... But $60-$90 for a SINGLE TICKET? Their clientele must be mostly those legacy-kids (most of whom are grown-up now) from the private-university down the street---people to whom 'money is no object' as long as they waste it to have themselves a good time! Is the cost of a good time like this one of the reasons our economy is going down the drain?
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